For most people, St. Patrick’s Day may not necessarily be the healthiest holiday—it is, after all, basically synonymous with beer in the U.S. and Ireland, as well as any Irish pub you may stumble into around the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your resources and crush a quick workout before you go tapping the keg that’ll probably make an appearance at some point in your day.

So even if you don’t actually make it to the gym this St. Paddy’s Day, you can get your fitness fix with this workout by Boston-based trainer and Reebok partner Conor Murphy. An advocate for keeping his workout routine varied, Murphy is constantly incorporating odd objects into his training.

“Not only do odd objects keep training unique and fun, but moreover, each object presents a new challenge,” he says. “They test your ability to use all of the components of fitness in new ways.” This time of year, a keg seems a pretty appropriate choice.

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“The keg toss is a standard event in a strongman competition. But the toss is far from the only movement you can do with a keg,” Murphy says. “Sticking with just a toss certainly won’t be conducive to developing a well-rounded, full-body workout, either,” he adds.

Murphy came up with a few moves that you can do with nothing more than a keg—a full one, of course. “Don’t be confused—the keg should only be tapped after the workout is complete,” Murphy says. “Definitely don’t do that before.” (For the record, it’s probably a better idea to do this workout with a keg that’s empty, because shaking up a keg of beer is a good way to get a barrel of foam.)

Here’s the workout Murphy suggests:

The St. Patrick’s Day Keg Circuit

3 rounds for time:

  • 20 keg squats
  • 20 keg swings
  • 20 burpee keg jump-overs
  • 20 keg thrusters
  • 20 keg lunges

After-party challenge:

  • 5 kegstand pushups (see if you can even do 1)

Check out the moves below, demonstrated by Murphy, who’s wearing the new Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweaves in the very St. Paddy’s Day-appropriate green, white, and gold.

1. Keg Squats

Keg Squat
Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok

2. Keg Swings

Keg Swings
Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok

3. Burpee Keg Jump-overs

Keg Burpee Jump Over
Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok

4. Keg Thrusters

Keg Thruster
Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok

5. Keg Lunges

Keg Lunges
Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok

6. Kegstand Pushups

Kegstand Pushup
Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok


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