When it comes to weight loss, nothing is quite as difficult as dropping the last 10 pounds. At the start, you’re shedding body fat left and right, but at some point your dramatic results come to a screeching halt. Why?

Essentially, your body becomes accustomed to your diet and workout, and, let’s face it: It’s much harder to lose 10 pounds when you weigh 190 than it is to lose 10 pounds from a 300-pound frame. 

At this point, you need to fine tune your lifestyle choices and behaviors. Small changes really do yield big results, according to Jenny Westerkamp, R.D., L.D., co-author of Green Foods for Men: Powerful Foods for a Clean, Healthy Diet. 

Take a look at the following mistakes she says you probably don’t realize you’re making. These tweaks will help you hone a leaner body in no time at all. 

8 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry and Not Losing Weight

8 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry and Not Losing ...

A nutrition overhaul can maximize training, shed fat and build muscle.

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