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Finding the Good in Saturated Fats

What type of sat fat can aid in weight loss and boost metabolism? The kind you should add to your diet immediately.


Saturated fat - Olive oil

Incorporating Saturated Fat Into Your Bodybuilding Diet

In some schools of nutritional thought, good and bad rule. Fat is bad, carbs are good, and too much protein and too few carbs are dangerous. But a bodybuilder’s diet is more about shades of gray: Generally speaking, no one nutrient or food is all bad or all good. Sure, some things are more bad than others; for instance, it’s hard to find anything good about trans fats. But on the whole, a bodybuilding diet tends to be more forgiving.

Here’s a good example. Most people know saturated fats are bad…except they’re not. At least, not always. It’s true that sat fats are more likely to be deposited in fat stores - not to mention your arteries - but that’s more of an issue when a large proportion of your diet is made up of carbs.

In a low-carb diet, however, there’s room to eat more fat, since the calories you’re not getting from carbs have to be replaced somehow. We generally recommend you focus on healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, peanut butter and salmon, but there’s always room for a good steak, and every bodybuilder’s breakfast should include more than one egg.

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