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Join Bodybuilder Troy Alves on His Daily Fat-Fighting Odyssey

Tag along with IFBB pro Troy Alves for a day of eating and training to achieve ultimate leanness.

Join Bodybuilder Troy Alves on His Daily Fat-Fighting Odyssey

Think about your average day: You wake up, maybe grab something to choke down as you hurry into work so your boss doesn't notice you've overslept, again. Get to work, survive on nothing but java until noon, grab a bite to eat for lunch, then squeeze in a quick workout at around 5 or 6 o'clock before heading home to eat whatever's handy in the fridge and veg out in front of the TV. Not exactly whittling your physique into a shredded, Adonis-like image, are you?

Now, switch gears and envision that perfect day - 24 hours of metabolic mayhem that sends bodyfat packing its bags as quickly as it so rudely imposed. Who can exemplify that ideal?

How about 2002 USA Champ Troy Alves? After all, he muscles up and leans down for a living. We tagged along with Troy for one day in Phoenix in hopes of uncovering exactly what he does to achieve that ripped-to-the-bone look. Sun up to sun down, we captured a genuine and unrehearsed fat-fighting day for one of today's rising stars. While Troy's approach may seem extreme, his results speak for themselves.

Just 10 short years ago, Troy was deciding how to execute the mandatory poses as he readied his then 160-pound physique for the Mr. Muscle Classic. These days, the 36-year-old is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Jay Cutler and Kevin Levrone, most recently at the Arnold Classic Fitness Weekend this past March, where he cracked the top 10. Talk about progress.

The following timeline shows Troy's methods for getting lean, while maintaining his muscle mass, during a typical pre-contest day (in preparation for the Arnold). While this bodybuilder's schedule may not mirror yours, no doubt you can learn a thing or two - or nine, as in the number of meals Troy devours a day - on your quest to get lean.


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