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The Resistance Row Workout Finisher

Try this back-blasting circuit to take your workouts to the next level.

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One-Arm Lat Pulldown
One-Arm Lat Pulldown

DIRECTIONS: This is a three-part circuit, in which you’ll complete a low row, a medium row, and a high row with a resistance band for each of the three categories: speed, control, and isometric. Rest 30 seconds between each category. Complete three to five rounds of this entire circuit.


  • Speed: Complete all three rowing sequences for 20 seconds, with the goal of getting as many reps as possible.
  • Control: Complete all three rowing sequences for 30 seconds, with a 3-0-1-1 tempo. (The first number is the lowering phase, the second is the pause at the bottom, the third is the lifting phase, and the fourth is the pause at the top.)
  • Isometric: Hold each row in the designated position for 20 seconds

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