To get the most out of your workouts, you’ve got to fuel your body. That means clean eating and plenty of protein, plus the amino acids and electrolytes your body craves. And, unless you’re packing red meat, eggs, and coconut water in your pockets at all times, you’ll likely need some help to ensure you meet your daily requirements. That’s where supplements come into play, like those from Performance Inspired, the nutritional products line co-founded by Mark Wahlberg. If the very-ripped actor trusts these supps to get the job done, well, you can too. Here’s what you need to know.

Isolate Whey

This naturally flavored, ultra-pure, fast-absorbing whey protein isolate supports muscle growth and recovery, while featuring fewer calories, fat, carbs, cholesterol and lactose than most other proteins on the market. Each serving packs in 25 grams of high-quality protein, with only 130 calories and one gram of sugar. Performance Inspired’s Isolate Whey also includes three grams of L-Glutamine for an extra boost of this all-important amino acid.

Choose from two great-tasting flavors—Chocolate Passion and Gourmet Vanilla—that you can actually look forward to. Each is sweetened with natural Stevia and goes down easy. Because you should never have to choke down your protein.

Post-Workout BCAA

Okay, so you’ve got your protein sorted out. Now, you need some branched chain amino acids to speed your recovery and spur muscle growth. For that, turn to Performance Inspired’s Post-Workout BCAA. With five grams of BCAAs per serving, plus 500 milligrams of taurine for metabolic support and electrolytes for recovery, the all-natural formula is exactly what you need to bounce back after those intense training sessions. Available in Berry Fruit Blast and Tropical Mango Delight, it’s a light, refreshing way to end your workout.