The only time a girl will ever want to have sex for less than seven minutes is when it’s in an airplane bathroom and she wants bragging rights. But in general, it’s fine to have sex of varying lengths, as long as we’re talking more than five minutes. Even though a 2012 study conducted by Australian sex therapists showed that quickies can be experienced as satisfying, trust me: No woman wants every time to be hovering around the five-minute mark.

Other research shows that it takes women an average of 20 minutes from initial arousal until orgasm. Now this doesn’t necessarily translate to 20 minutes of solid sex. Maybe it’s 10 minutes of foreplay followed by 10 minutes of sex.

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In any case, 20 minutes is a good range to shoot for. But if your goal is to get her to climax, it might be smart to add a little more foreplay. And if you do have a misfire and she’s not finished, remember that sex doesn’t have to end when you do.