Most couples — even those with circuslike sex lives — still rely on the comfort of basic sexual positions. Missionary. Cowgirl. Doggy. C’mon, you can do better. Even adjusting these classic positions slightly can produce massive benefits: better access, more stimulation, and a bigger “O” for everyone.

How to make it better:

  • Rest her legs on your shoulders, with her feet behind your head. This provides deeper penetration. Turn her on even more by biting or kissing her calf.
  • Kneel upright and rest the entire length of her legs on your chest, and cross them at the ankles. Use a free hand to massage her clitoris while you’re thrusting to increase her pleasure. If she’s comfortable with it, bind her ankles with a piece of discarded clothing.
  • Kneel straight up between her straddled legs. Slide a few pillows under her to raise her pelvis to the perfect incline for you to reach her G-spot.

How to make it better

  • Sit on a stool and have her get on top. Adjusting both your bodies will help to deepen penetration.
  • Have her stretch both legs down so your feet are level, and slide her hands outward in yours, Titanic-style. She’ll shake and grind her hips for more “good” friction.
  • Do it while standing: Lift her in the air, wrap her legs around you, and take full control. You’ll give her intense stimulation while showing off your strength.

How to make it better:

  • Grab her around the waist and pull her up so her butt is in the air with her head and chest on the bed. Result: deeper access.
  • Try it while you’re both standing—just bend her over. She won’t have to support her body weight on her arms, so she’ll be more relaxed for entry.
  • Stand between her legs while she’s on all fours. Lift her up by her thighs, wrap her legs around your waist and her arms are fully extended. You’ll find her G-spot.

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