Exhibitionism can be thrilling. It can also lead to an arrest record, road rash, poison ivy, and worse. But who cares? There are few better ways to juice up your sex life. So grab your lady and head to one of these exotic — and oh so public — locales. Just remember, be swift about it! Public sex is not a marathon romp. Call it quick bliss.

Typically, these large rooms have great views. Sneak into your building after hours. Most conference tables are the perfect height for adult play. Just be sure to look for security cameras.

Avoid: Total nudity, cleaning people, late-night co-workers.

When: After 8 p.m.


Look for a multi-floor structure. The higher up and farther away from exits, the more privacy you’ll get. Tinted car windows provide ideal cover — but don’t go crazy. If the car is rockin’, security guards will still inevitably come a knockin’!

Avoid: Lampposts, mall cops, the front seat.

When: Before or after the commuter rush (9 a.m. or 5 p.m.)


A lot of trendy hotels and restaurants are installing private johns. Depending on their design, most offer a perfect place to get behind your lover and use the exotically lit mirrors to watch her face in ecstasy. Or prop her up on the sink to get busy. Afterward, slip out while she freshens up and no one will be the wiser!

Avoid: Busy weekend nights

When: After the lunch rush or evenings earlier in the week


Bathhouses did survive the ’70s, now they’re called “spas.” The Japanese and Korean varieties are your best bet — they’re coed and usually open 24 hours. Large spas offer plenty of private steam rooms and baths to get naughty in. For total privacy, book a couple’s massage and use the “time to relax” as your “get it on” time.

Avoid: Saunas (there is no steam for camouflage), heat stroke/dehydration

When: Midnight and beyond


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