As you’ve heard time and again, the most powerful sex organ human beings possess is the brain. Your mission, should you want to get laid, is to use said brain to pay attention to the woman in your life, figure out the things she’s likely to need or appreciate and then use that information as coin that can be later redeemed for trade in boinkage.

15 sex tips from the bedrooms of real women

15 sex tips from the bedrooms of real women

Real advice from real women.

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There are a ouple of caveats:

– Being attentive is not to be confused with stalking. Common sense and moderation are your friends. Facebooking her second-grade BFF to find out what kind of candy she liked back in the day is just creepy.

– Giving is no guarantee that you’ll “begetting some.” While your main motivation may be action/reaction based, doing nice things for a woman does not obligate her to “put out.”

That said, employ your powers of perception well, apply what you’ve learned judiciously and you just might find yourself a much happier sexual camper if you do try this stuff at home.