There are many benefits of having a training partner. A workout buddy can motivate you by offering words of encouragement, or assist you with the weight when an exercise gets too difficult to complete.

And then there’s those routines that just cannot be done without the help of a training partner like the abdominal exercises below. So grab yourself a training partner and get to work. This abs routine is sure to deliver some optimal ab chiseling results. 

Lying Leg Throw Down

  • Lay with your back on the floor, placing your head between your partner’s feet.
  • Reach back and hold your partners ankles or calves securely with your hands. This provides leverage and stability while performing the exercise.
  • Bend your knees slightly and slowly raise your legs towards your partner’s body.
  • Press your upper back into the floor and feel each vertebrae of your spine roll off the ground.
  • Bring your legs all the way up so your partner is holding onto your ankles.
  • Feel your partner throw your legs away and down. Your partner should not just push, but rather throw them so your legs have both momentum and gravity pulling them down to the floor.
  • Resist the force of your legs as they are thrown and don’t let your feet touch the ground. Slowly bring your legs back up to your partner and allow him to grab your ankles again.
  • Ask your partner to throw your legs in different directions. Throwing them to the side at least 45 degrees works the oblique muscles and random throws helps with strengthening the abs and your coordination.

Partner Sit-ups with Locked Ankles

  • Lay back with your knees bent.
  • Ensure your training partner is sitting directly opposite you.
  • Interlock your ankles with your partners.
  • Crunch simultaneously, while breathing out.
  • Return to ground simultaneously.
  • You can increase the difficulty by adding a medicine ball and passing this to each other at the top of the movement. 

Medicine Ball Sit-up Throws

  • Making sure you are facing your training partner while in a seated position.
  • It may be beneficial to secure your feet under a weight.
  • The partner who is standing up should be a couple of feet away.
  • Have standing partner throw medicine ball towards your chest.
  • Catch ball, then lay back extending your arms overhead.  
  • Come back forward and immediately throw the ball back to partner.

Mehmet Edip is an internationally published fitness writer, model, actor and competitive athlete. Be sure to like his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter.