"This pump-focused routine attacks the long heads of both your triceps and your biceps," says Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS, a former competitive bodybuilder and the architect of many of the programs you find on the pages of M&F. "The long head of your triceps is the meaty, inner part of your horseshoes, while the long head of your biceps is the one most responsible for that peak when you hit a back double biceps pose."

The routine includes a few free-weight moves to start with but for only eight sets. From there, you'll move into two high-rep supersets using cables.

"The cables will help you maintain constant tension, which helps you get a crazy pump, especially in this rep range," Pena says. "And it goes without saying, but even though you're aiming for 25 reps, make it a challenging 25—don't pick a weight you can do 40 reps with or you'll be limiting your gains."

What sets this program apart is how it finishes.

"Instead of finishing with descending, or drop sets, like many people do on a pump day," Pena says, enthusiastically, "you'll do an ascending set at the end, doubling the weight you used on your supersets and going to failure, even if that means 4-5 reps."

Excercise Sets Reps
Lying Triceps Extension 2 10
Narrow-Grip Barbell Curl 2 10
Dumbbell Overhead Extension 2 10
Incline Dumbbell Curl 2 10
Incline Lying Cable Triceps Extension 2 25
– Superset With –    
Standing Narrow-Grip Cable Curl    
Incline Lying Cable Triceps Extension 1 To Failure
Standing Narrow-Grip Cable Curl 1 To Failure

Bonus Tips

1) Make sure to do a full-body warm-up and a muscle-specific warm-up prior to your first working set.

2) Rest 1-2 minutes between all sets and exercises. The only exception is when you move from exercise to exercise in the prescribed superset.

3) Focus on achieving a peak contraction on every rep to draw as much blood to the muscles as possible.

4) Make sure you are adequately hydrated prior to this workout to maximize the pump.