This quick chest and biceps workout uses heavy weight and high reps to achieve maximum muscle building results. It might not seem like a lot at first, but your pecs and biceps will be burning when it’s all said and done. The goal is to get all the reps done in one go, but with the heavier rep range it’s always difficult. Consider using the rest-pause technique with the high rep ranges. 

The chest portion of this workout uses body weight and resistance band exercises. A couple of minutes on a resistance band is still hard work, and the 2 minutes of push-ups on the Bosu ball hits your chest, and core hard. As with all of my workouts, I rarely work just one muscle group. The objective is to thoroughly fatigue myself by the end of the workout, and you better believe this workout does just that.

IMPORTANT: The weights outlined below are what I’m comfortable using. Be sure you use a weight that will challenge you, but also allow you to perform every rep with good form.

Give it a try and let us know how you did. 

– Circuit 1 is 3 sets, however the reps and weight will change on the 3rd, as well as the amount of time on the resistance band.

– Circuit 2 is 2 sets. 

Circuit 1

Cable flyes: 1 minute with resistance band

Standing bicep curl: 80 lbs. x 40 reps

Cable flyes: 1 minute with resistance band

Twice thru

3rd set –  Standing bicep curl : 120 lbs. x 10 – then 100 lbs. x 10 (holding at top for 5 seconds)

Cable flyes: 2 minutes with resistance band

Circuit 2

Standing alternating cable bicep curls: 60 lbs. x 40 reps

Wide grip push-ups on Bosu Ball (flat side up):  2 min

Twice thru