The Problem

Your gym has three state-of-the-art leg press machines staring you in the face. You want to use them to work your calves, but you just can’t figure out the right foot position or posture.

The Solution

Training your calves on a leg press machine is all about positioning. Sit with your body at a 90-degree angle with your butt tucked tightly into the seat. Press the platform into place, then readjust so the balls of your feet are on the lowest edge of the platform with your heels free below it.

Workout Tips Getting Started

Turn your toes inward if you’re a novice or haven’t done much calf work before. This will work the outer muscles of your calves—the most difficult group of calf muscles to build.

Intermediate to Advanced

Rotate your toes outward to the 10-and-two position. This will work the inner portion of your calves, developing that iconic diamond shape every bodybuilder wants.

Unilateral Thinking

To really give your calves their due, consider performing leg press calf raises one leg at a time, varying your toe angle to challenge weak points.