• Load a barbell on the floor. Step over the bar so it’’s behind you, next to your calves.

  • Space your feet shoulder-width apart and firmly plant them on the floor, then drop into a squat position.

  • With your arms fully extended, grasp the bar using a pronated (palms-back) grip just outside your legs, locking your thumbs around the bar. This position should resemble the start of a deadlift, only with the bar behind you.

  • Inhale deeply, hold your breath and drive through your heels, extending your hips and knees simultaneously until you’re standing erect, exhaling at the top of the motion. At this point, the bar should be just under your glutes.

  • Pause briefly, inhale and slowly reverse the motion.


  • Keep your torso tight and chest out; don’’t let your back round. Make sure your arms remain straight throughout.

  • As you reach the top of the movement, shift your hips forward and squeeze your quads and glutes hard.

  • If the motion is difficult to do from the floor, try a power rack, starting with the safeties at about knee level, until you perfect the motion. Then lower the safeties each workout until you can perform the exercise from the floor.