Leg Exercises

The World's Fittest Mogul: Leg Workout

Jordan Zimmerman's ad campaigns have helped define pop culture, but his defined abs are just as impressive.

Jordan Zimmerman
Duration 30 Min
Exercises 5
Equipment Yes

Ever hear of the “Just Say No” antidrug campaign, Party City’s slogan “Nobody has more party for less,” or Papa John’s “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza”? They’re but a few of Jordan Zimmerman’s handiwork. The former competitive bodybuilder chairs Zimmerman Advertising, one of the world’s biggest ad and marketing agencies.

At age 59, Zimmerman routinely rips through three-a-days: cardio around 3 a.m., followed by weight training and, after a full workday, pushups and another cardio session before bed. “I’ve built this empire, and I have a lot of people depending on me,” he says, justifying why he must be in the best shape possible (and at 180 pounds and 6% body fat, he is). “Anyone who doesn’t use that as fuel isn’t doing what’s best for those people.”

Zimmerman's Over-40 Training Tips


Zimmerman’s pre-dawn workouts allow him to train without distractions or interruptions. “At that time of day, the world is yours,” he says.


“You’re cheating yourself and your family if you don’t,” he says. A suggestion for beginners: “Check your body fat and weight when you start.”


If you’re over 40, there’s no need to push heavy weights to build muscle. “You get just as much from lighter weights and higher reps and supersetting.”

Jordan Zimmerman is founder and chairman of Zimmerman Advertising. Follow him @JZspeaks.

Jordan's Leg Workout

Exercise 1

Sideways Leg Press
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
15 reps
30 sec rest

Exercise 2

Split Squat on BOSU Ball
exercise image placeholder
3 sets
15 reps
30 sec rest

Exercise 3

Lying Leg Curl How to
Lying Hamstring Curl thumbnail
3 sets
10 reps
-- rest
Slow negative on each rep, followed by five fast reps at the end of the set.

Exercise 4

Barbell Front Squat You'll need: Barbell, Squat Rack How to
Barbell Front Squat thumbnail
3 sets
15-20 reps
30 sec rest

Exercise 5

Seated Calf Raise You'll need: Bench How to
Seated Calf Raise thumbnail
1 sets
30 reps
30 sec rest
Perform 10 reps, then reduce the load and do another 10, followed by one more dropset of 10.