Barbell Front Squat

The barbell front squat is a multi-joint exercise that strengthens the legs. The upright position of the torso during the exercise also builds strength in the core. By loading the weight on the front of your body instead of your back, you’re able to activate more muscle in your quads using less weight. This form of the squat as helps if you have limited range of motion in your shoulders or a previous shoulder injury.


  1. 90_A
    Stand tall in a shoulder-width stance with feet pointed out. Rest barbell on top of chest. Use an overhand grip to securely hold bar with fingers. Triceps will remain parallel to floor in order to support the weight of the bar.
  2. Barbell Front Squat
    Inhale and slowly descend hips until thighs become parallel to floor, keeping weight stationary. Pause at the bottom of the squat and then quickly drive hips back to starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Keep chest lifted throughout the exercise.
  • Do not let your elbows droop down.
  • Make sure heels stay grounded to the floor throughout the exercise.