Workout Plans
  • Goal: Build Muscle, Burn Fat
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Days per week: 7
The 5 Week, 1 Kettlebell Warrior Workout thumbnail

Grab a kettlebell and squeeze incorporate this routine for whole body gains.

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There are countless amounts of fitness challenges out there. They have been redone, done over, and overdone. It's just how our industry is. We are continually trying to find the "next best" way to get in shape. It makes it easier to do, or at least start a workout routine.

I have no problem with fitness challenges either. Some people think that they are just a flash in the pan, quick fix wonder to change people’s lives and they are right. Fitness challenges usually don't last too long, or do they produce phenomenal results. That's OK. I don't think fixing your is the reason you do them, but rather the challenge is the reason that you are doing it.

Not all of us are competitive or want to be challenged all of the time. That doesn't mean you are not challenged. A health condition, low self-esteem and not looking the way you want are challenges we may face down the road. Fitness often times can help improve these challenges. So, the non-competitive people will be challenged.

For those of us that loved to be challenged in fitness and in life crave the idea of finding some test to get into. We want to feel a sense of toughness, a sense of goal complete and we want a sense of validity. The accomplishment of a physical feat is something we live for. So, these types of people love to be challenged, whether they get challenged, or not.

This is why I decided to create a 30-day fitness challenge. It is not super hard. It's not out of the ordinary, nor does it require a lot of suffering. Sure, it is a challenge but it is not unrealistic. The main goal of this challenge is just to complete it in its entirety. Get it done not matter what. That's the challenge. 

You only need a kettlebell, or two, the ability to perform goblet squats and kettlebell swings, and a little bit of time each day to get the job done. 

Why the goblet squat and swing? 

I often get asked, "If you could pick one exercise to do, that's it, what would it be?" and I have changed my answer a lot over the years but I have come to the conclusion that I need at least two exercises to do. I need an exercise for power. I need an exercise for strength and these two are it! You can also get a great deal of conditioning from these two exercises, when done properly. And yes, you can also build some good muscle and torch bodyfat with these two exercises. I also overall BIG fan of the kettlebell due it's versatility. You can just do so many exercises with a kettlebell, what's not to like? Although the benefits of the KB swing and goblet squat are reason enough to do the challenge, but remember the challenge is the challenge, not the fitness benefits.

The workouts 

In order to make this a little more enjoyable, I could not have you do the same thing over and over again. You need to look forward to a slightly new challenge each day but be able to repeat it sometime during the challenge, all the while making it realistic.

There will be four (4) different workouts during the 30-day period.

You will start with workout #1 and end on workout #2.

You can do this workout at anytime during the day. I am going to do it whenever I can fit it in.

I will be doing it before a workout, after a workout, at home, during a break, whenever.

There are weight recommendations to optimize the workouts but are not a must. I recommend 12-16 kilo (26-35 pound) kettlebells for women and 20-24 kilo (44-53 pound) bells for the men. If you want to use more weight, go for it. I will be using at least a 24 kilo kettle bell each workout.

You will time your workout each time. Your bonus challenge is to beat your previous time for each workout. This is not a requirement of the challenge, just something you can use if you are looking for that extra challenge to track.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5