Burning bodyfat doesn't always have to mean scheduling an extra half hour at the gym after your weight-training session. It is possible to train for strength and size while also burning bodyfat and this workout is proof enough of that.

Taken straight from the minds of CrossFit, this routine combines one heavy weight staple, one bodyweight move and sprints to help you get stronger and look better for it.

Load the bar with 225 pounds—or at least 75% of your 1RM on the deadlift—and knock out 12 clean reps, pausing only if absolutely necessary (tempo is key to this workout). After your 12th rep, immediately perform eight pull-ups with the grip of your choosing and without using any momentum—no kipping is allowed. Just make sure that your chin comes level with the bar for each rep. After that, run 400 meters—or a quarter of a mile on a treadmill—at the top pace you can sustain. This entire circuit is performed five times in a row with as little rest as possible. Your aim is to complete the workout in as short a time as possible.

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5 rounds for time of:
12 Deadlifts – 225 pounds
8 Pull-Ups*
400m Run
* Dead hang (i.e. no swinging or kipping)

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