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14 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Planning a New Year's resolution to get back to the gym (or maybe to get to the gym for the first time)? Here's what you need to know before you go.


Mistake #11: Making lots of noise

From the “be aware of yourself” files: The gym is a place to be seen and not heard. “A deep breath or a slight grunt here and there is fine, but this is not a lovemaking session,” Fernandez says. That also goes for taking phone calls—no one wants to hear your half of the conversation.

“Your favorite jam may pop up on your headphones, but sing along in your head, not out loud—it's the gym, not The Voice,” says Konefal.

Mistake #12: Ignoring personal hygiene

You’re excited, you’re in a hurry, you just don’t know any better, so you grab those already-worn gym shorts and T off your bedroom floor and rush out the door. And then you wonder why everyone at the gym is giving you a 15-foot berth. “Workout clothes are to be worn and then immediately washed,” says Mat Leonard, a trainer at New York Health & Racquet Club. “Don't be the guy with a smile on his face who smells like a pet store.” And don’t skip your morning tooth-brushing, either. “You’re breathing heavily while you work out, which causes the entire club to smell your stank,” Fernandez says.

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Mistake #13: Being a creeper

It’s true: Hot girls generally work out. They also typically want to do so without being ogled, interrupted, or slobbered over. Or, they hit the gym with their equally hot boyfriends. “While you’re flirting, Adonis walks up behind you and in no time you are nursing a fat lip,” Phillips says. If you decide to approach, suss out the situation to gauge if she really wants that attention. And at least wait until your second day at the gym to make your move.

Mistake #14: Advertising your vanity

Some people seem to think that a workout isn’t real unless they post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While it’s fine to share your fitness triumphs with your followers, be discreet with your selfie-taking when you’re on the floor. “Earn the results of your workout and measure them afterwards,” says Konefal. “And never use a selfie stick at the gym!”

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