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3 Burning Training Questions, Answered

From morning cardio to benching big, we've got answers to your most pressing fitness questions.


Q: Which has the better fat-burning effect: jogging in the morning on an empty stomach or jogging post-workout (after lifting)?

A: When you wake up in the morning, your body is in a fasting state. This is a good time to do cardio because you can tap directly into your stored bodyfat, but I don’t believe it’s the safest or most efficient way to train. After approximately 30 minutes of jogging without eating something light first, the body starts to use muscle as an energy source, which can lead to dizziness, overexertion and dehydration. I recommend jogging after lifting weights because weight training is anaerobic by nature and therefore depletes muscle glycogen. That’s why a postlift jog has a similar effect on fat-burning as a morning jog on an empty stomach.