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3 Common Training Myths Debunked!

Are you still listening to these common training myths? We break down truth from fiction.



Swim right after a meal and you’ll sink like a rock. Shave often and expect to grow back a beard thicker than ZZ Top's. Put a jacket on when it’s cold out or risk catching deadly pneumonia. Size matters.

OK, maybe the jury is still out on that last one, but the truth is there’s a whole lot of good-intentioned advice out there that is completely unfounded, especially when it comes to weight training. In an effort to clear the air of weightlifting whoppers, we’ve debunked 3 common training myths that have no place in the weight room or anywhere else for that matter. Let's start off with the granddaddy of muscle defining misconceptions: 

Myth #1: Higher reps are the best way to get greater definition

Whatever sound that buzzer makes when someone gets the wrong answer should go off now. At some point in your training career you’ve likely stepped into this crock of myth. Even today, many personal trainers and so-called "experts" in the fitness industry love to toss this concept around. 

Truth is, doing high reps with a light weight is a waste of time, and won’t make your muscles more defined. The lean and cut look that most strive for is a result of having muscle that isn’t buried beneath fat. If you want greater muscle definition then you need to lower your body fat levels. Cutting calories and adding a consistent cardio regimen to your regular weight-training regimen should do the trick. 


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