Workout Tips

Get a Boost With Back-to-Back Bodypart Training

Cheaters sometimes prosper; see how back-to-back bodypart workouts can boost muscle growth.


If you're a beginner, stop reading this article right now and move on to another - you simply aren't ready for the muscle-blasting effects this hardcore training technique can elicit. Give yourself about six months of dedicated work in the gym, then revisit this article.

Those of you who are experienced lifters and aren't afraid to try something new to spur incredible levels of muscle growth, read on. But beware: Training a muscle group on two consecutive days isn't for wimps and should be done only occasionally. Here's what you need to know about back-to-back training.

DOMS and Recovery

Many lifters gauge the effectiveness of their workouts by delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). After all, the more soreness you feel the next day, the better, right? Actually, this rationale is good. Generally speaking, your muscles synthesize new proteins and grow when they're repairing muscle damage, and DOMS reflects the extent of damage a muscle has incurred.

But - and this is important - what kind of activity, if any, should you do during recovery? In other words, when can you train that muscle again? The common recommendation is to wait until the soreness is gone, for two reasons: 1) the need for the cellular repair process to be completed, and 2) the rise in cortisol, your body's main catabolic hormone, that often accompanies muscle damage. This wisdom, however, is now being challenged.

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