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The Lift Doctor: Leg Training Plateaus and Overtraining

Our Lift Doctor answers your questions about hitting the wall with your leg training and when to stop.

The Lift Doctor: Leg Training Plateaus and Overtraining

Question 1: “How do I break my plateau on legs? I can't go any heavier than 365 lbs.” – Edgar Carillo

Breaking through plateaus is usually very easy, if you just believe you can do it. Sure, changing up your workout by doing more volume, modifying the rep scheme, switching the exercises, performing supramaximal holds with 105% of your 1RM prior to your set, or just increasing or decreasing the frequency of your workouts, can most times do the trick. But, in my experience, the number on the bar can also be the problem. 

If you’re stalling at 365 lbs. when you squat, your mind might be keeping you from your potential. You have to believe you can crush that weight and more. Instead of loading up 365 and hitting it for one rep, get under the bar and don’t rack it until you get two reps.

Go into the set thinking about something that really pisses you off or creates rage in your mind. Then attack the weight. Or put 370 on the bar and smash that. That mental edge, where you overcome the plateau before you even put the bar on your back, can be the key to you finally breaking through to the other side.