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M&F/Q&A – Week #6

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What are your top five high protein, but low-fat, low-carb foods? —Simon "Birdman" Bird

When thinking of the best high protein foods, you should categorize them in two different ways:

• High Protein, Low-Fat, Low-Carb Sources
• High Protein, Healthy-Fat, Low-Carb Sources

Many protein sources have great essential fatty acids in them that are critical for muscle growth and recovery. Below are my top five high protein, low-carb/fat sources, and high protein, low-carb/healthy fat sources

High Protein/Low-fat/Low-carb
• Skinless Chicken Breast
• Skinless Turkey Breast
• Egg Whites
• Whey Protein Power
• Orange Roughy and other white fish

High Protein/Healthy fat/Low-carb
• Wild Caught Salmon
• Buffalo/Bison
• Organic Whole Eggs
• Grass Fed Beef
• Wild Caught Fatty Tuna