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Get Ready to Shred Your Abs

Follow these rules for a ripped six-pack by summer.

By Gunnar Peterson
Get Ready to Shred Your Abs

Instead of some cleverly crafted prose about training your midsection, how about a comprehensive, slammin’ routine you can do 2–3 times a week for the next six weeks, that will take you from “abs” to “Abs” (provided you keep your diet tight and your sleep on track)? Yeah, I thought you’d like that. Shifting from wordsmith to ironsmith

- Crunch x 20
- Bicycle Crunch x 20
- Weighted Rotation (Bus Driver) x 20
- Mountain Climber x 20
- Plank position, knees outside to elbows x 20
- Plank x 20 secs.

Rest 20 seconds and go again. Knock this out 2–4 times a day, 2–3 days a week and you’ll get an “A” in abs. 

Gunnar Peterson, C.S.C.S., is America’s most-sought-after personal trainer. His client list has included the likes of Hollywood celebs Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis and elite athletes Tom Brady, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love.