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With the cost of basic health care soaring daily, the price of prescription drugs going through the roof and a new pandemic popping up at every turn, today, more than ever, health is indeed a measure of wealth.

And the keys to a happier, healthier and a longer lifespan is selfcare consisting of exercise, a nutrient-dense diet and effective skincare. “Healthy habits help us live longer,” explains Dr. Myra Dulac, “When you practice self-love, you make the best decisions for yourself… Self-care is not vanity. It’s about finding the balance between inner and outer beauty.”

Passionate about physical and mental well-being, Dr. Dulac is an inspiration to women everywhere. A true professional, visionary and innovator in health, anti-ageing, and fitness, she is owner of several wellness clinics and co-founder of King Kongin, LLC. Promoting a zero-calorie, vitamin-packed alternative to sugary sodas and artificial energy drinks, QUEEN KONGIN and KING KONGIN Energy Drinks are loaded with essential vitamins needed to perform daily routines and improve the overall quality of life.

“You want to be able to play with your children’s children and have the ability to travel the world, climb Mt. Everest; be a Ninja, a soldier, a warrior, a conqueror! But for you to accomplish any of those things, you need the energy to start,” Dr. Dulac insists. “You should treat your body the same way you would treat a luxury car. She further explains, “If you don’t take care your car, the engine going to shut down. If you don’t put gas in the car, it’s not going to start, no matter how expensive it is. We need to pamper our bodies in the same way. Like a car, our bodies need regular maintenance. We only have one body, and we need to take care of it.”

Supporting positive health and offering alternatives to sugary soft drinks and syrupy sweet fruit juices, QUEEN KONGIN and KING KONGIN Energy Drinks are packed with goodness. Full of Vitamins D3, B3, B6, B12, natural collagen and natural caffeine from organic tea leaves, these all-natural, vegan energy drinks are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, and lactose. They also possess anti-aging benefits that may aid healthy hair, skin, and nails.

“It’s such a great feeling to have that exuberant confidence that comes looking good, feeling good and being healthy. But so many people don’t have the energy to do persevere. That’s why many health blogs recommend taking care of or pampering yourself to feel great physically, emotionally and mentally. And our energy drinks are indulgent for the body inside and out.”

QUEEN KONGIN and KING KONGIN Energy Drinks’ delicious flavors include peach mango, watermelon strawberry, candy, and blue raspberry.

“Not only are our energy drinks good for you but they are also delicious,” says Dulac. “Our drinks are scrumptious, and the ingredients are nutrients. It’s important to make good decisions when it comes to your health. And who we are kidding?” Dr. Dulac concludes. “Your brain needs a constant supply of energy to continuously maintain, support, and protect your life. Mental, emotional and physical activities such as work, working out and participating in activities such as reading, studying or doing homework require energy. We all want to be the best mom, wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend that we can be. That means maintaining our bodies by making healthy choices daily.”

Dr. Myra Dulac is the Founder/CEO King KongIn, LLC For more information visit kingkongin.com.

M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.