For the past six months, Braun Strowman has been focused on one thing: Revenge. So it only makes sense he would get his wish at Payback, which aired on the WWE Network yesterday.

Braun, who has been furious at Roman Reigns for costing him a title match at Survivor Series last year, had severely injured Reigns weeks prior by smashing him against the wall and subsequently tipping over his ambulance. Reigns has since finally recovered and vowed to settle his feud with Strowman in the ring.

The match was suitably intense, with Strowman going as far as to attack Reigns with the metal stairs leading up to the ring. You can watch the highlights above.

Despite winning the match, Strowman wasn’t done with Reigns. He attempted to once again attack Reigns, only to get a face full of an ambulance door instead:

Other highlights of Payback included Randy Orton fighting Bray Wyatt in his unsurprisingly creepy House of Horrors:

The match eventually found its way to the arena, where Wyatt won thanks to interference by Orton’s rival Jinder Mahal.

With Braun finally getting his vengeance towards Reigns, his next target will most likely be the monstrous Brock Lesnar, and the fight is rumored to happen at the newly named Great Balls of Fire (yes, really) in July. We’re sure the clash of giants will truly be something to behold.