Roman Reigns might have thought he was in the clear after taking down the Undertaker at WrestleMania, but he has a new problem to worry about: Braun Strowman, the 6’8″ “Monster Among Men.”

Strowman, still furious over Reigns costing him his championship at last year’s Royal Rumble, attacked Reigns last night during an interview with Michael Cole, savagely pinning him against a wall and beating him down using storage crates backstage.

But while most people would have left Reigns beaten and bloodied, Strowman declared “I’m not finished with you!” and continued to attack Reigns, even while the latter was confined to a stretcher.

This culminated in the most shocking way possible, with Strowman single-handedly flipping over Reigns’ ambulance. Watch video of the beatdown above.

WWE reports that Reigns suffered “cracked ribs, internal injuries, and a possible separated shoulder,” but we have a feeling he’ll be just fine by next week’s RAW.