Like so many other gym rats, Rohan Murphy puts in some serious time hitting the weights, and giving his muscles a beating at the local gym. Unlike any other gym rat however, the 28-year-old wrestler and powerlifter does it without any legs.

It was a birth defect that resulted in the eventual amputation of both legs at the age of four. "My kneecaps were on the opposite side, my legs were basically backwards," said Murphy. Today, he either uses a wheelchair or walks on what's left of his lower body to navigate his way through the Islip, Long Island gym where he can be seen working out five times a week. 

With a commitment to fitness and determination to get stronger, Murphy keeps pressing forward, and gym members no longer look twice when they see the man with half his body lift massive amounts of weight. His bench press best is currently 350 pounds. After securing a spot on the Penn State wrestling team, his drive to keep conquering new hurdles grew even stronger. Murphy is now setting his sights on the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, and a gold medal in powerlifting.

In the meantime, Murphy will continue to do what he loves—lift and inspire kids at grade schools and colleges across the country with his motivational story, and explanation of what it takes to succeed. "It's good for them to see someone with a disability, and not look down on them," he says. "No longer do they take their own lives for granted." As you'll see in this video, there are no limits when you have the confidence and desire to succeed at whatever you set out to accomplish.