Drew McIntyre is the tenacious Scottish warrior who was released from his contract and the dream job of wrestling for WWE ten years ago, only to work on his craft and return, becoming one of pro-wrestling biggest superstars in the process. Talking to M&F in Glasgow, the site of ‘Clash at the Castle’ — where the big man challenges Damian Priest for the heavyweight title, this inspirational athlete explains why he never gave up on his ambitions to be the best, and revealed a quote from Dwayne Johnson’s autobiography that he still thinks about to this day.

It all starts with “stubbornness,” explains McIntyre, whose release, along with a glut of other WWE stars in 2014 came as a complete shock. The Scot was faced with a choice of whether to keep grappling on the independent scene or call it a day and find a ‘real’ job. “But I was like; I’m gonna make this work one way or another,” he shared.

Never Give in to Adversity

Fortunately, the hard-headed grappler doubled down on his career aspirations, touring the globe and winning a title in practically every wrestling organization he mixed it up with. Instead of becoming just another ‘WWE has been,’ McIntyre worked on his ring skills and his all-important pro wrestling persona, and eventually returned home. While McIntyre can be proud of his own steadfast attitude and never giving up on his dreams, he also points to the people that helped him to keep his eye on the prize.

“More importantly, I had a great support system around me with my friends in the industry, especially here in Glasgow with ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling), the people I came up (through the ranks) with,” he shares. “And, you know, my wife having my back and understanding I’m gonna be gone a whole lot to try and make this thing work.”

Drew Mcintyre

The Inspirational Quote from The Rock that still drives Drew McIntyre

Many wrestling fans who have been fired, or have been injured, or are simply going through their own personal struggles take a great deal of inspiration from their Scottish hero, as do young wrestling stars who are hoping to follow in his path to success. “… If you’re released and you want this, you really want this, ‘All it takes is all you got,’ I remember reading that in The Rock’s first book (The Rock Says, 1999) and it always stuck with me, stuck in my head, and that’s absolutely true,” says McIntyre. I gave everything, and more, and then some, and I had a great support system, great people around me, believing in me, so I learned to believe in myself.”

McIntyre has talked to M&F about his commitment to consistency in the past, and thanks to his grit and determination has now gone from reading The Rock’s books to signing WWE contracts offered by the man himself, since Johnson is now a high-ranking board member of the pro wrestling juggernaut.

To see Drew McIntyre revel in his rightful position at the top of the card, don’t miss a tremendous weekend of action as Friday Night SmackDown airs live from the Hydro Glasgow Friday June 14 on FOX in the USA and TNT Sports internationally, and Clash at the Castle airs live from the same venue on Saturday June 15 on Peacock in the USA and TNT Sports internationally.

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