During our afternoon trawl of the Internet we came across this gem that we had to share with you. 1952 Mr. Universe Manohar Aich turned 100 on Saturday and shows he still has a great pose (see right).

India’s first Mr. Universe, who is not the tallest of men (he is 4′ 11′ and is known as the Pocket Hercules), continued to lift right up until last year when a stroke caused him to leave the weights on the rack for good.

Aich began bodybuilding in the 1940s during his stint with the Royal Air Force. A British officer showed him how to lift and Aich’s life changed forever.

In 1950 he won the Mr. Hercules title, in ’51 he came second in the Mr. Universe contest and undeterred, he returned the following year to win the title outright.

So what is the centenarian’s secret to longevity? Not sweating the little things.

“I never allow any sort of tension to grip me. I had to struggle to earn money since my young days, but whatever the situation, I remained happy,” he said recently, according to the Daily Mail.

Another factor that has helped him enjoy a long life is his abstinence from drinking and smoking. One thing that does irk him a little is the fact the he’s never met Arnold, as he is a big fan of his movies.

These days, Aich helps his sons run a fitness center and acts as a mentor to up-and-coming bodybuilders.

Congratulations on hitting the milestone birthday Manohar, we wish you many more!