Over the last two or three decades, professional athletes have put as much effort into training as they have the skill development that comes with their sport. This is very true when it comes to football players. Nowadays, teams have coaches and trainers specifically to help them in the weight room.

When you saw Vernon Davis play, you could tell he was well acquainted with iron. He had one of the most impressive physiques in the NFL during his 14-year career. Nonetheless, as he told Zack Zeigler and Mike Myers on a recent episode of M&F Reps, he still felt the wear and tear of the game every day.

“It takes a big toll on your body,” said Davis. “The key is to make sure you’re stable mentally, physically, emotionally, and just do all that you can to make sure that you can go out there and do what you have to do.”

The Super Bowl 50 champion then added Pilates into his routine, and he felt it gave him new life on and off the field. While people may not connect Pilates to a rough sport like football, Davis feels that made a big impact on him.

“I think (Pilates) is the true reason why I’ve had the longevity that I had in my career,” he told Zeigler. “Then, when I got involved with Club Pilates, that took me to another level as far as my life now and how I see my life in the future.”

Davis is a promoter and ambassador for Club Pilates. He actually started including Pilates in his training during his career, especially with Washington, which Davis said became a part of the training program for the team. Even now, he saw the benefits it offered that have carried over into his post-career life. Now, he’s working to increase awareness and promote the fitness form for everyone. He feels that it can go a long way in helping people of all fitness levels improve health, wellness, and quality of life.

“Pilates is not easy, it’s very challenging. If you can get through it, you can get through anything.” For more information on Club Pilates click here. To watch the full interview with Davis, as well as other great episodes of Reps, subscribe to the Muscle & Fitness YouTube channel.