'Triple H' Confirms to 'M&F' He Had Dinner With Ronda Rousey: 'Stay Tuned'

While WWE has nothing to announce at this time, it's clear conversations are being held.

'Triple H' Confirms to M&F He Had Dinner With Rhonda Rousey, "Stay Tuned"
Bryan Steffy / Stringer / Getty

If you've been following WWE for the past year or so, there's one question that keeps coming up: Is Ronda Rousey joining the WWE following her apparent departure from the MMA scene? And if so, when?

Talk of Rousey's possible WWE debut re-emerged this week as TMZ Sports claimed that Paul "Triple H" Levesque, WWE's VP of Talent and Creative, was spotted having dinner with Rousey in L.A. on Tuesday, leading to a storm of speculation that an official announcement regarding Rousey and WWE could be coming soon.

While talking to Levesque about the Raw 25th Anniversary event taking place on January 22, we couldn't help but ask him if he had anything to say about that reported meeting. His response? "I had a lovely steak."

Kidding aside, Levesque made it clear that there's no conspiracy: "Quite honestly, I was in L.A. for some other business. I had a couple of hours before my flight left, and we all were in the same place [so] we had dinner and had a nice time."

On the other hand, it's obvious there's still a strong possibility of an eventual Rousey debut, as Levesque told Muscle & Fitness, "[I've] had a friendship with Ronda for a while. She loves our product. She loves what we do. I think she's an amazing person and athlete. She has expressed her interest in WWE. We've expressed our interest in her. We're having conversations, which we've been doing for years."

Other than that, though, Levesque's lips are sealed. "We really have nothing else at this time to announce. Stay tuned. But the only thing I can announce is that Republique has awesome steaks."

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