What it Takes to Become an NFL Strength Coach

Luke Richesson of the Denver Broncos gives advice on how you can get a job like his.

What it Takes to Become an NFL Strength Coach
Andy Cross / Contributor / Getty

1. Suggested Education

Bachelor’s degree in exercise science or equivalent, while working in the strength and conditioning program for collegiate athletics at the school; high-level training certification like the N.S.C.A.’s C.S.C.S. (certified strength and conditioning specialist).

2. Suggested Preliminary Jobs

Position on a strength and conditioning staff at a college program or private-sector training facility.

3. Salary Range

Low to mid-five figures for entry-level staff (assistant strength coaches) up to a max of around $500K for the most accomplished head strength coaches in sports.

4. Most Important Skills

Intricate knowledge of exercise science and performance training, with the ability to write sport-specific programs; extensive experience working with competitive athletes in a formal strength and conditioning set- ting; high level of interpersonal skills and coaching ability.

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