UFC featherweight top contender Conor McGregor has received a lot of criticism for how he conducts himself in and outside of the Octagon. Now, it appears, he has caught the attention of movie star and martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme.

McGregor, who is 26 and fights champion Jose Aldo in the most highly anticipated pay-per-view of the year at UFC 189, has some holes in his game, according to the “Muscles from Brussels.” 

“McGregor is a great fighter if he can use his legs as good as his fists. What he has that not too many people have is the eye,” Van Damme told Bruce Buffer on the It’s Time!!! podcast, via MMA Mania. “After this fight I would love to spend some time with him to elevate the knee even better and not make mistakes. He’s got the speed but a guy like Aldo can get inside him.”

“The Notorious” rides into his July 11th bout with pound-for-pound great Aldo on a 13-fight win streak. McGregor, a former amateur boxer, has refined his game MMA game throughout his UFC career to become one of the most deadly strikers in the sport. Here he is destroying Dustin Poirier below:


The Irishman has done just about everything to get under Aldo’s skin en route to his main event tussle for featherweight gold, including snatching the latter’s belt on the UFC 189 World Tour in Dublin. Buyrates for the PPV can be expected to reach somewhat close to 1,000,000.