Amid controversy that Guinness World Record for Largest Biceps titleholder Moustafa “Mo” Ismail was using synthol to get his upper arms to bulge to a freakish 31 inches, he went to Japan to undergo testing and clear his name. 

The test included a full-body MRI scan and an ultrasound on his upper arms. 

After the tests, doctors reportedly “found no signs of implants, drug use or intravenous tampering—clearing Mo of any wrongdoing,” according to SWNS.

“I have nothing to hide and so I agreed to do it. I am nothing but proud of what I have achieved as an unknown and amateur bodybuilder,” the 24-year-old Moustafa said. “I wanted to show the world that Big Mo is real, and not fake as some critics have claimed.”

Unfortunately, the report lacks any quotes from the doctors, photos of the scans or, even, the name of the hospital where the evaluation took place. 

As such, our challenge to Guinness and Mo Ismail still stands. See it here.

Ismail admits that he once relied on growth hormones and testosterone-boosting drugs early in his career, but he claims that his current physique is due to a diet that includes 3,000 grams of protein a day and his ability to curl 400 pounds and bench press 500 pounds. 

Watch the video about him below: