Who says movies don’t teach you anything? In an incredible case of life imitating art, the BBC reports that a young boy from Michigan saved his 2-year-old brother’s life after using a trick he learned from watching Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s 2015 disaster film San Andreas. Jacob O’Conner, 10, was at home when he saw his little brother, Dylan, floating face down in the family’s pool. Instead of running off for help, which might have come too late, Jacob thought quickly and dragged his brother to safety, beginning a series of compressions inspired by a scene in which “The Rock’s” character uses CPR to revive his dying daughter.

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According to the BBC, he says he “remembered it from the part where there was an earthquake, then there was a tsunami, and the girl was drowning.” Thankfully, Dylan suffered no permanent damage and has since made a full recovery after spending two days in the hospital. The boys’ mother said she had never felt more proud of her son, and “The Rock” agrees. Once the news of Jacob’s heroism hit the Internet, Johnson took to Twitter to send his young fan praise.

The wrestler-turned-Hollywood-actor had kind words for Jacob, who he described as a “real-life hero”.

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