Actor Josh Brolin is set to play superhero Cable in Marvel’s Deadpool 2, and he’s taking it quite seriously. Even Dave Bautista is impressed by his transformation. The two ran into each other at the gym, when Bautista commented, “What the f*ck happened to you?!”

Brolin recently posted the above video of his upper-body workout, in which he’s seen performing neutral-grip front shoulder raises. This little-known exercise is performed with the arms slightly bent to reduce stress on the shoulder joint. It’s typically used as a replacement for front raises, which can be hard on the shoulder joints. 

The actor, who is almost 50, makes it well-known that he’s undergoing his transformation completely clean―no sugar, bread, pasta, or drugs. His diet mostly consists of fish, rice, eggs, veggies, water, and the obligatory morning cup o’ joe from Bulletproof or Caveman Coffee Co. He goes on to add #itainthard and #ryanreynoldsismybitch. 

Gotta love it!

Deadpool 2 is expected to hit theaters June 1, 2018.