According to an experiment conducted by fitrated, gym equipment is laden with a slew of nasty bacteria and germs. They analyzed samples gathered from various common equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes and free weights and found that they harbored nearly one million germs per square inch!

Fitrated reported that “all three types of equipment yielded gram-positive cocci (a common cause of skin infections and other illnesses); gram-negative rods (which can prompt many types of infections and sometimes resist antibiotics), and gram-positive rods (which can—but don’t often—cause various types of infections). The exercise bikes and free weight samples also turned up Bacillus—a potential cause of various conditions, including ear, eye, and respiratory infections.”

The authors remind you to disinfect equipment before each time you use them, to not touch your face, and to change your clothes immediately after your workout so you don’t take that vile stuff home with you. 

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