Sometimes the simplest of things can get the best of us. It happened to this guy at a recent ball game between the Royals and the Mets, when a water bottle got the better of him. Perhaps this exercise to strengthen your grip for bigger forearms, or this one to strengthen your wrist, might have better prepared him for his big on camera moment.  

But there may have been extenuating circumstances, like a malfunctioning bottle, sunscreen on his hands, or maybe he was unscrewing the cap in the wrong direction. It happens to almost all of us, only 99.9 percent of us don’t get caught on tape. Let he without gaffe cast the first snicker. Check it out:

It happened to this guy too. He could have done with reading our excellent piece on how to snap wood with your hand before inviting the camera crew in for this exhibition (in front of a class of kids too, no less). Not only did this man, who is reportedly a black belt in taekwondo, fail to break the wood after repeated attempts, he also hit a kid on the head with a splinter and kicks the fingers of one of the guys holding the target. Not his best day in the office. Check it out:

What’s the best thing to do after epic fails like this in front of the public eye? I suggest shaking it off, getting out in the summer air and taking out all that frustration on your own muscles with this outdoor muscle-shredding body weight workout. You’ll feel better, and look better. Oh yeah, and never let it happen a second time. Now, what’s your excuse?