Hafþór Björnsson, aka “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones, is just getting stronger and shows no signs of slowing down. As he prepares to defend his Arnold Strongman Classic title in Columbus, OH in March, the 2018 World’s Strongest Man has been posting some crazy lifts on Instagram. 

Most recently, the Icelandic giant managed to deadlift 953 pounds not once, but twice in quick succession. Check it out here: 

It was only two weeks ago that Björnsson amazed the Internet by deadlifting 888 pounds for two sets of two reps. This lift has only upped the ante. 

He’s teased on his YouTube channel that he’s aiming to lift over 500kg (1,102 pounds) sometime in 2020. While he still has about 150 pounds to go, it seems as if he’s the one to break Eddie Hall’s near-four-year-old world record. 

That would only increase the tension between the two strongmen, who may potentially box each other soon

In his quest to become a three-time Arnold Strongman Classic champion, Hafþór isn’t just focusing on deadlifts. He also posted an impressive 3×3 incline bench with 440 pounds. 

He’s also toyed with the idea of breaking his own world record in the sandbag toss, which he set in 2017 when he managed to get a 100-pound bag over a 15-foot bar. It’s unclear how much he’s aiming for this time, but in a recent YouTube video he got an 88-pound bag to go over his gym’s second-floor balcony with relative ease. 

One thing’s for sure—we’ll be writing a lot about Björnsson in the lead up to the Strongman Classic. Stay tuned.