Muslce & Fitness: How did you train this time around?

Jaimie Alexander: It was much more about adding realism to the battles. We spiced up Sif’s moves with some martial arts. We all trained separately because our moves were so different.

Given the chance, would you play Wonder Woman?

I’m open to that. If the script was good and the studio had a great vision, I’d be into it. If not me, you’re looking for a Sigourney Weaver type—someone with a sense of humor, a strong body, not skinny, who displays strength inside as well as out.

Who’s your favorite comic character?

There are a slew of superheroes I really like. I like Jubilee from X-Men. I gravitate toward characters like her because they’re grounded; they have fantastic stories, but you can relate. And I always loved Batman.

How do you like Ben Affleck as Batman?

He’s got the height, the build, and the face, and to be honest, I liked him as Daredevil. The movie wasn’t great, but he was. He can go to the gym and get ripped. Michael Keaton is an example—maybe you didn’t see it at first, but he was incredible.

After four movies in 2013, what’s next?

I’m in talks to do television. It’s action packed, but I can’t say any more. Hopefully you’ll know soon.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the gym?

Growing up, sports was always a competition. Now it’s about doing what’s good for my body, what it needs. It’s about improving and strengthening your mind. Once you do that, you can do anything.