James Harrison Tackles Single-arm Landmines During Workout

The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker continues to showcase superior strength and work ethic.

He may be pushing 40, but James Harrison is in no way slowing down when it comes to his performance on the field and in the gym. Just check out this recent Instagram post where the All-Pro linebacker crushes the single-arm landmine exercise

Single arm landmine

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Social media followers of the Pittsburgh Steeler have become accustomed to his varied displays of strength over the years. 

From throwing around a lot of muscle on the volleyball court...

Danneyball 7-0 beating @vinnywill98 and I gave @goldenb0y21 @spoonjones56

A post shared by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on going eight plates deep on the decline bench, Harrison continues to push the limits during his strength-training sessions.

Better than the last time

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What about knocking out a few hip thrusts with an insane amount of weight?

It's no wonder the 39-year-old continues to play at an elite level. Look for the linebacker to continue his dominance on the field for the 2017 NFL season.