Over the last few years, James Harrison has become a must-follow on Instagram for all fitness enthusiasts—and for anyone interested in watching him do herculean things in the gym.

For example: It’s common to see him play volleyball with a medicine ball, do over-the-top core workouts, or

” target=”_blank”>do ridiculous bench press variations on his Instagram page. Another common occurrence on his page? Hip-hop that he always has blasting in the background while he’s doing things most people can only dream of.

And if you check out the comments on most of his videos, a lot of his followers ask what song is playing. So we did the public a favor by wrangling together almost 3 hours’ worth of music that Harrison listens to.

The veteran linebacker has a bunch of different artist on the playlist, including obvious choices (Drake, Future, and Migos) and a few lesser-known acts such as Young Dro, Hurricane Chris, and the up-and-coming YFN Lucci. 

Take a listen below to kick your weekend gym session off on the right foot and to get you amped at the gym, or just in general.