The Mountain, aka Thor Björnsson cannot be stopped! Not least in the first episode of the Guinness World Records Italian Show. In it, the Game of Thrones star was pitted against none other than four-time World Strongest Man title winner Zydrunas Savickas. The challenge was to see who could lift two fridges, with a combined weight of 450 kg (992 pounds, including the frame) over a distance of 20 meters in the fastest time.

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First up was the legendary Savickas, who put in a great effort but lost his momentum a little around the 17m mark, which cost him valuable time. Thor was next, and he charged out of the blocks (well, as much as anyone can charge hauling that weight) and managed to keep his legs pumping all the way to the end.

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The Italian announcer called Thor’s official time at 19.60 seconds and confirmed it was a new Guinness world record. The Mountain reaches new heights!