By now, you’ve probably heard of Larry “Wheels” Williams, the 24-year-old Instagram powerlifting and bodybuilding phenom who constantly shares videos of himself hitting unbelievable PRs in the gym. With more than 771,000 Instagram followers and 300,000-plus YouTube subscribers, Williams has become a bona fide social media celebrity by showcasing his unreal strength and shredded physique. 

These days, Williams is based in Los Angeles and posts more than ever, often collaborating with other Insta-famous lifters and bodybuilders. He’s even heading to Iceland for eight weeks to learn the ins and outs of Strongman training with Thor Bjornsson. He’s on a mission to get his name out there, and he’s doing one hell of a job. 

We’ve rounded up some of Williams’s most impressive lifts, from bench presses, to squats, to one-arm deadlifts. But while watching Williams’s lifts would motivate pretty much anyone to hit the gym harder, remember that he’s training at an elite level, and you shouldn’t try to replicate his lifts at your own gym.