The Rock’s whirlwind promotional tour of Hercules in New York City saw him in the guest chair on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Earlier in the day, he told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on Live! with Kelly and Michael the rather, ahem, gross origin of the hair used for the Hercules beard.

On Fallon, they unearthed some archive footage of “The Fungo Brothers” a fitness duo with the mantra: You gotta hustle for the muscle. In the first clip, they demonstrate the thigh cruncher, which you know is working “when you feel the burn between your legs.” Check it out.

The second clip features the Fungo Brothers in the 1950s, when people were losing weight by dancing to Chubby Checkers’ “The Twist.”  The Fungo Brothers decided to jump on this craze with their own dance to burn even more calories. Oddly, it didn’t really take off. Then the brothers demonstrate the “Jack Weight,” their version of the Shake Weight. You can probably guess where that went.

As well as promoting the movie, The Rock has also been promoting the workout and diet plan he followed religiously to get in Herculean shape. The Team Hercules exercise plan includes a back workout, chest workout, arms workout, shoulder workout and a legs and calves workout. The Team Hercules 12 Labors Meal plan covered the diet that fueled all of his gym work and kept him going through the grueling shoot. If you are following the same regimen, you can keep The Rock updated on your progress by tweeting to #TeamHercules.