The Rock and Kevin Hart are set to star in an action comedy called Central Intelligence. Hart will reportedly play a character who bullied Dwayne Johnson’s character when they were in high school. As adults, the Rock is an assassin for the CIA and Hart is an accountant. It transpires that The Rock’s character needs help from his old adversary to take down some bad guys, and the story takes off from there. Dodgeball director Rawson Marshall Thurber will helm the movie.

The Rock took to Instagram this week to make the announcement with this message and photo: “Our goal is to make a movie that’s big, epic and so funny you’ll slap the sh*t outta somebody. Excited to team up with my brotha in grind @kevinhart4real His hustle is incredible and his talent is off the charts. Shooting starts in March. Can’t wait to make this movie for you guys… #TheyCallHimTheGoldenJet #AndTheyCallMeBob #WeCouldPassAsTwins #ThisShitsGonnaBeBananas #CentralIntelligence”

Kevin Hart posted the same photo on his Instagram with the following caption: “My Hustle never stops people….I’m teaming up with @therock on my next film….So excited to work with this guy, we both have an amazing work ethic and this script is going to allow us to both shine. I told y’all to be afraid of what I’m gone do next….. #ThisIsWhyIveBeenInTheGym #ActionComedy #ConstantlyRaisingTheBar #HustleHart #ComedicRockstar #TheRock #DopeShit”

Photo mashup courtesy therock and kevinhart4real