The Rock decided to go all in to makes things real in one scene from Hercules, which is on general release, next Friday. Yes, next Friday! The wait is almost over, but the Rock took to Instgagram to explain the lengths he went to to get this particular scene down pat: “”I asked the prop department to lock me in with real steel chains that I couldn’t break, so the performance would be real. When HERCULES finally accepts his fate of being the son of Zeus, it’s THE epic moment of the mythology – and our movie. We shot this scene 8 times – I blacked out every time. Down to my knees. Well worth the fun pain.. this moment is iconic. Im excited for you to see it… #HercDontLikeBlackingOut #Happily”

Check out one of the takes:

And now we know what The Rock looks like as Hercules, here is what went into making Mr. Johnson look like a demi-god: “Myself and our brilliant Academy Award winning artists had one goal in mind – to create a truly iconic character for a generation. The transformation took 3 1/2hrs every day for 95 days. Proud of the inspired work and I hope you will be too. I am… HERCULES.”

As well as promoting the movie, The Rock has also share the workout and diet plan he followed religiously to get in Herculean shape. The Team Hercules exercise plan includes a back workout, chest workout, arms workout, shoulder workout and a legs and calves workout. The Team Hercules 12 Labors Meal plan covered the diet that fueled all of his gym work and kept him going through the grueling shoot. If you are following the same regimen, you can keep The Rock updated on your progress by tweeting to #TeamHercules.